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Prohibited and Restricted Products

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2015

Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on SHOPPES@DOGSACTUALLY ("Shoppes”, "our website"). Products offered for sale on Shoppes must comply with all laws and regulations and with Unleashed's policies. The sale of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products listed on these pages, including products available only by prescription, is strictly prohibited.

While many on our list of Prohibited and Restricted Items may not be relevant in the conduct of our services, we take product safety and these restrictions very seriously. Sellers should carefully review each of the Prohibited and Restricted items before listing a product. If you sell a Prohibited or Restricted Product, we may immediately suspend or terminate your selling privileges. In addition, if we determine that a seller's account has been used to engage in illegal activity, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

We are constantly innovating on behalf of our customers and working with regulators, third party experts, vendors, and sellers to improve the ways we detect and prevent illegal and unsafe products from reaching our marketplace. We work hard on this issue every day because we know that our customers trust that they are buying safe and legal products when they shop on Shoppes. Unleashed encourages you to report listings that violate Unleashed's policies or applicable law by contacting us via email titled "Report a Violation" and include all relevant information. We will investigate each report thoroughly and take any appropriate actions.

Prohibited and Restricted Items (on SHOPPES@DOGSACTUALLY)

The website facilitates the sale of services and products related to pets and pet ownership, excluding live animals. These prohibited and restricted items are listed below. Merchants must ensure their listed items comply with Singapore law as items that are non-compliant may result in restrictions on buying and selling privileges and possible suspension of your account(s).

Alcohol: The sale of alcoholic beverages is controlled on our website. Please note if you do not have a valid liquor license in Singapore, it is an offence to sell, offer for sale, or permit to be sold, any liquor/alcohol.

Animals and wildlife products: Live animals or pets are not to be listed on our website; however for pet supplies, sellers must ensure that such listings comply with Singapore laws and regulations.

Artefacts, art treasures, grave-related items, and indigenous crafts: Several countries in the world have legislations that regulate the export trade in artefacts, antiquities and art treasures to prevent fraudulent dealings in such artefacts and antiquities. Since they may be protected under the laws of several countries, users are advised to exercise caution when they are listing, buying or selling such artefacts and antiquities on our website. Since these items are protected under the laws of several countries, they may not be permitted on our website.

Used/expired Cosmetics: Used cosmetics present some serious health and safety concerns because the products and applicators used to apply them often come into direct contact with the body. This is why the sale of used and/or expired cosmetics are prohibited on our website.

Counterfeiting equipment: Counterfeiting equipment designed to make these illegal products are prohibited on our website. Specifically, this includes:

  • Equipment that creates stamps/seals from the seal impression
  • Currency, Government stamps and stamps
  • ID cards such as driver's license, passports, and health insurance cards
  • Mediums that contain any individual/private information (list of names and resident's card, etc.), ID and passwords
  • Badge and uniforms, etc. anything that clearly represents employee ID, official position, position of government and municipal offices, and enterprise

Credit and debit cards: The sale of credit and/or debit cards is prohibited on our website.

Currency selling: We prohibit the sale of currency on our website.

Drugs and drug paraphernalia: Narcotics, steroids or other controlled drugs are strictly prohibited on our website. It is a punishable offence (in some cases, by death) to traffic in a controlled drug into Singapore. Import into or export from Singapore of a controlled drug is an offence unless it has been done as permitted by the Misuse of Drugs Act (Cap 185). Drug paraphernalia may not be listed on our website. Such paraphernalia includes (a) any equipment, materials or substances useful for manufacturing controlled drugs and (b) any and all items that are intended for the smoking, administration or consumption of a controlled drug. It is an offence to supply, or import or export, or possess any controlled equipment, controlled materials or controlled substances in Singapore.

Drugs, describing drugs or drug-like substances: We prohibit sellers from describing legal substances in a manner that suggests ingesting, inhaling, extracting or otherwise using any substance or compound from the legal substance will provide the same effect as an illegal drug, compound or substance or that will provide unsubstantiated health benefits.

Electronics equipment with de-scrambling/jamming capabilities - examples include cable TV de-scramblers, radar scanners, and traffic signal control devices: Such equipment is prohibited by the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore, is strictly prohibited on our website. Under Singapore law, it is an offence to offer for sale any telecommunications equipment without a license. Most types of telecommunications equipment will be subject to import controls. However, small quantities (one or two sets) of certain electronic equipment can be imported for personal use without a license.

Electronic surveillance equipment with wiretapping and telephone bugging capabilities - Products designed primarily to record private oral, wire or electronic conversations of others without their knowledge or permission. Certain types of telecommunication equipment are prohibited from entry into Singapore unless prior approval by the Info-communication Development Authority of Singapore has been obtained. Equipment in this category includes scanning receivers / transmitters which could be used by unauthorised persons for unlawful interception of signals. For security purposes, the import of such equipment into Singapore is prohibited. There is no specific law on privacy in Singapore that otherwise prohibits or regulates the sale of electronic surveillance equipment and devices. However, since the use of such equipment and devices violates the privacy of individuals, we have taken a policy decision to disallow the sale of such items on our website.

Firearms, weapons, and knives - examples include explosives, hazardous materials, such as items containing high-pressure gas.

Arms and explosives are strictly prohibited on our website. The sale of such items is in breach of Arms and Explosives Act (Cap 13) covering the manufacture, import, export, sale and possession of weapons. It is an offence for any person to sell or offer for sale any of the weapons listed in the Second Schedule of the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act (Cap 65).

Licensed sellers should also note that firearms, air-guns or guns may only be sold to government departments or persons who are licensed to possess such arms. For swords, daggers, spears or spearheads, licensed sellers can sell to anyone but must record down their particulars in a register. The register must be produced to the licensing authority for inspection during the renewal of license or whenever requested by the licensing authority. Certain military items and information, including those military items and information that are manufactured or developed in the United States are not allowed on our website. In addition, sellers are not allowed to list any items or information covered by Part 121 of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which is also known as the United States Munitions List.

Food and healthcare items: The sale of food is strictly regulated and sellers who list food and food-related products must ensure such items are approved by Singapore authorities before listing. Please read this section to learn more about what food items are prohibited to see if your items can be sold on our website.

  • Prohibited Food Items: For the safety of the users of our services, sellers may not list the following food and food-related items on our website:
    • Medicine and aphrodisiac claims - energy medicine to strengthen and improve sexual function.
    • Noxious food items - Food which contains any prohibited substances or substances in excess of permitted proportions. Adulterated food without fully informing the buyer at the time of sale of the nature of the transaction. Non-pasteurised dairy products. Wild mushrooms.
  • Perishable items: Sellers who list perishable items should clearly identify in the item description the steps that they will take to ensure that the goods are delivered to the buyer safely. For example, sellers of perishable goods should offer overnight delivery and ensure that the goods are properly packaged.
  • Sealed Containers: All food and related products sold on our website should be packaged or sealed to ensure that the buyer can identify evidence of possible tampering.
  • Expiration dates: All items must be delivered to buyers prior to a clearly marked expiration or "use by" date.

Examples of laws that sellers are required to comply with in Singapore:

  • Labelling requirements: There must be a statement or label legibly and durably written on or attached to the package of food indicating the trade name or description, the net weight or the number, true measure or volume, the quality, strength, purity, composition and proportion of the contents, and the name and address of the importer, manufacturer or packer.
  • No misleading statements: No advertisement for food shall contain any statement (written, pictorial or descriptive) that is false or misleading about the nature, quantity, composition, effects, etc. of the food or any ingredients thereof.
  • Unsanitary Food: Food that is prepared, packaged or stored under unsanitary conditions.
  • Import/Export: There are restrictions on the import and export of many food products. For example, the import of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables require prior approval from the appropriate authority.

The links below can be used as a starting point for sellers to educate themselves about laws relating to food sales:

Government IDs and Licences: Since the unauthorised use or sale of official government IDs and licences are prohibited in Singapore, Government IDs and licences, or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents are prohibited on our website.

Hazardous materials: These include batteries, fireworks, and Freon: Hazardous or dangerous goods (such as radioactive materials, flammable gases, liquids and solids, and toxic substances) may pose a danger to health, safety or property while being transported. Many hazardous goods cannot be posted through the mail or commercial carriers at all. Items of such nature are not permitted to be listed on our website. A few hazardous materials may legally be transported under certain conditions if they are properly packaged and labelled. Such items are permitted on our website, provided that the listing contains a clear notice of the hazardous nature of the material, and a description of the planned method of postage that complies with the applicable laws in the buyer's and seller's countries.

Human parts and remains: The listing of humans, the human body, any human body parts or human remains are not permitted for sale on our website.

Importation of Goods into Singapore: Members importing goods into Singapore from another country, either by selling or buying items listed on our website, are responsible for ensuring that the importation of that type of product complies with applicable Singapore laws. These laws often are complex, and issues will vary depending upon exactly what item is involved and the countries in which the buyer and seller reside.

Items encouraging illegal activity: Prohibited items include: an eBook/book describing how to create methamphetamine. We prohibit the listing and sale of items or links to items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity. We also prohibit buyers from requesting or encouraging sellers to break any applicable laws. In addition, we may remove listings as requested by law enforcement to cooperate with any investigation or to prevent harm to Unleashed and the users of our services.

Lock-picking devices: Any lock pickers or locksmithing are prohibited. Users are cautioned that under Singapore law, any person found armed with any article or instrument for use in the course of or in connection with any housebreaking is guilty of an offence, which is punishable by imprisonment. Since lock picking devices would fall under this category, these are prohibited from being listed on our website.

Lottery tickets: The sale of lottery tickets is prohibited on our website.

Mailing lists and personal information: The sale of bulk email, Internet Protocol (IP), Instant Messenger (IM), or databases/mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information is prohibited. Any tools or software designed predominantly to send unsolicited commercial messages (UCE or "spam") is also prohibited.

Medical devices: prohibited items include: contact lenses, pacemakers, and surgical instruments. We allow the sale of most prescription medical devices, but require sellers of medical devices that require a prescription for distribution to the public to strictly follow certain rules when listing such items on our website:

  • The sale or supply of contact lenses without a license is prohibited in Singapore. For more information please refer to the Contact Lens Practitioner Act (Cap 53A)
  • The sale/supply/importation of any non-compliant condoms made from compounded natural rubber latex. If the condom fails to meet certain prescribed standards, it is prohibited. For more information, please see the Medicines Act (Cap 176) and Medicines (Quality of Condoms) (Specification and Prohibition) Order.
  • The sale/supply/importation of any irradiating equipment is regulated in Singapore, and a license is required for medical diagnostic, medical, therapeutic, dental diagnostic and veterinary diagnostic purposes. For more information, please see the Radiation Protection Act (Cap 262) and the Radiation Protection (Ionising Radiation) Regulations.

Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs: The listing and advertising of multi-level marketing programmes (including online payment randomisers), matrix, pyramid, Ponzi schemes, and all similar programmes are not permitted on our website. Such programmes are often regulated or illegal.

Offensive material: any ethnically or racially offensive material and/or memorabilia. This also extends to:

  • Adult products (sex toys)
  • Promotional ads and tickets etc. of a sex club (or clubs)
  • Video DVD, photograph collection, computer games, software, book, and magazine deemed undesirable and unsuitable for those under 18 years of age.
  • Pornography in any form.

Pesticides: Under Singapore law, it is an offence to sell, advertise or supply any pesticide, substance, mixture or preparation for the purpose of vector control, unless the seller is registered with the Director-General of Public Health. It is also a requirement to register any pesticides for use in the cultivation of plants in Singapore, and no person may distribute, supply, sell or expose or offer for sale any pesticide unless the same has been registered with the Director-General of Public Health.

Plants and Seeds: In Singapore, the importation of any “regulated plant, regulated plant product or regulated material” (including certain seeds) is prohibited, except under an import permit issued by the Director-General, under the Control of Plants Act (Cap 57A). Persons importing such items are also required to have a “phytosanitary certificate” or similar certificate (issuing from the country of export) certifying that relevant import health requirements have been complied with, and to ensure that such terms are free of quarantine pests. Please note that the commercial production of any plant (whether from seed, tuber, etc) in Singapore requires a licence as per the Control of Cultivation of Plants (Cap 57A, Part III). This excludes the cultivation of any plant for domestic and home gardening purposes; and the cultivation of any plant which is not for sale. It also an offence under the Misuse of Drugs Act (Cap 185) for a person to cultivate cannabis, opium and coca plants. Buyers and sellers of plants or seeds should also consult with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore to determine whether there are any additional requirements for the items they are considering buying or selling in Singapore. Unleashed urges its sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Since the sale of plants and seeds are in some cases prohibited, regulated or may cause harm to Unleashed or its shoppers, sellers are restricted in their listing of them on our website.

Police-related items: With limited exceptions (partially listed below), we do not permit the listing of law enforcement badges or official law enforcement equipment from any public entity, including badges issued by the government of any country. Under Singapore law, it is an offence to use or wear without authorisation, or supply to any person who is not lawfully authorised, any decoration, insignia or uniform of the police, or anything resembling it. It is also an offence to forge or tamper with, or use or have in his possession, any police or official pass, permit, or license, etc. There are a number of other laws in Singapore that prohibit the supply, sale, use or import of police-related items.

Postage metres: Under Singapore law, it is an offence to sell, offer for sale, import or export any 'franking machine' without the written approval of the Postal Authority (which is the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore). Accordingly, the listing of postage metres or franking machines are not permitted on our website.

Prescription drugs: Controlled drugs or items (or their components) that require a prescription from a licensed practitioner (such as a doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist or optometrist) are not permitted on our Singapore website; this includes drugs prescribed by veterinarians for animals. Under Singapore law, it is an offence to sell, supply or export any medicinal product without a product license. In particular, the Medicines Act (Cap 176) requires all medicinal products sold in Singapore and manufactured locally for export, to be licensed with the Centre for Drug Administration, Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act (Cap 177) also prohibits advertisements of medicines relating to certain diseases like diabetes, epilepsy or hypertension. All products which are not stated in the HSA General Sale List are prohibited from sale on our website.

Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers: We strictly forbid the listing and sale of stolen property, which violates the law. Sellers who knowingly attempt to sell such items on our website could face prosecution.

Tobacco: As the sale of tobacco products being highly regulated in Singapore, cigarettes, cigars, smokeless and tobacco are not permitted on our website.

Software: Only full retail versions of software may be sold on our website. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this list of prohibited items:

  • Duplicated or copied software: Software that has been copied onto CD-R, CD-W, floppy disk, or any blank media by anyone other than the original software manufacturer.
  • Academic editions: Software sold to students, academic faculty, and educational institutions expressly for use by students and educators. Since Unleashed has no way of verifying that a seller or buyer has an academic connection, we prohibit the sale of this type of software on our website.
  • OEM software: Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software comes bundled with, installed on, or packaged with computer hardware. You cannot sell this software on our website unless you are also selling it with the associated hardware.
  • Promotional software: Software distributed freely by manufacturers to promote their products.
  • Beta (pre-release) versions: Software distributed for the purpose of troubleshooting, testing, and evaluation.
  • Freeware and shareware: Software distributed free of charge by the copyright owner.
  • Expired subscription-based software: Software that is no longer usable because it has passed its subscription time period.
  • Back-up copies: Copies that are made to protect the purchase of a software title. This software cannot be distributed, shared, or sold.

Sale of open box software: Many software products require first-time buyers to register their product with the manufacturer using an activation code, license key, or password. If the original owner decides to sell the software, they must prepare the software in the following way:

  • Transfer the original disc.
  • Ensure that there are unregistered or transferable license keys for the buyer.
  • List the product in the proper condition.
  • Add information about the software's license keys in the listing comments.
  • All products in Software with the condition type "Used" will be listed as "Open Box."

If the license is non-transferable and/or the buyer will not be eligible for technical support or upgrades, then it is prohibited for sale on our website.

Prohibited services: Sellers are not permitted to offer or solicit services on our Website that are illegal, sexual in nature or that violate the User Agreement.

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